The beginnings of the Dysonans Chamber Choir go back to 1991, when a group of young people decided to create a musical ensemble. They named it, quite provocatively and a little teasingly, Dysonans (Dissonance). This name has survived until now and makes a kind of motto of the ensemble. For dissonance not only is the name of a musical phenomenon, but also a tension, an energy that enhance emotions. Such are the choir’s interpretations of music: emotional, highly appraised not only for their technical value of performances, but also for their expression. Nowadays Dysonans Chamber Choir is the ensemble with tradition and experience, nevertheless still looking for new challenges and inspiration.

The choir exists at the Cantamen Association for the Promotion of Culture. It performs in almost all European countries and participates in most prestigious international choir competitions: Legnica Cantat 2000 , Rimini International Choir Competition 2012, Concorso Polifonico Internationale Guido d’Arezzo 2014, Concorso Internationale di Canto Corale, Gorizia 2016, London International A Cappella Choir Competition 2015 and 2017. Dysonans Chamber Choir is the winner of numerous prizes. The latest include 1st prize in the category Baroque, 2nd prize in the category Renaissance and the special prize for the program of best artistic value at the 55 Concorso Internationale di Canto Chorale Gorizia, 2016 as well as the participation in the close final of London International a Cappella Competition organized in 2017 by Peter Phillips, the director of The Tallis Scholars. In April, 2018, the choir went on a tour in the South America, participating in XII Festival International de Musica Renecentista y Barroca Misiones de Chiquitos in Bolivia, where, as the only ensemble from Central Europe, it performed the pieces in native Indian languages.

The Dysonans Chamber Choir’s repertoire is very wide. The ensemble specializes in performance of early music, but reaches also for contemporary compositions as well as popular ones. Its works include some first performances. It participates in vocal-instrumental performances and cooperates with orchestras such as Arte dei Suonatori, Collegium F or the Air Forces Orchestra.

Since the beginning the conductor of the Dysonans Chamber Choir has been Magdalena Wdowicka-Mackiewicz, professor, PhD, the lecturer at the School of Music in Poznań, the Head of the Department of Choral Conducting.