Magdalena Wdowicka- Mackiewicz graduated the Academy of Music in Poznań in 1994 in the class of choir conducting led by professor Stanisław Kulczyński.
She is a double prize winner of the All-Polish Choir Conductors Competition in Poznań (1992- 2nd Prize, 1994- 1st Prize).

In 1994 she started working as an assistant at the Academy of Music in Poznań, at the Faculty of Choral Conducting, Musical Education, and Church Music, where she at present teaches choir conducting in the position of a professor of the Academy. Since 2012 Magdalena Wdowicka – Mackiewicz has been the Head of the Department at the Faculty of Choir Choral Conducting.

Magdalena Wdowicka – Mackiewicz has cooperated with numerous choirs and orchestras (inter alia: the choir of the Academy of Music in Poznań and a baroque orchestra Arte dei suonatori), with which she worked on vocal-instrumental masterpieces by J.S. Bach, D. Buxtehude, W. A. Mozart, C. Orff, A. Part and many others.

Magdalena Wdowicka-Mackiewicz specialises in the performance of the Renaissance and Baroque music. She participates in conferences and academic sessions as a lecturer, performs the function of a juror in various competitions, conducts choral workshops.

The artistic activity of Magdalena Wdowicka-Mackiewicz is associated mainly with Dysonans Chamber Choir, which she has conducted since 1991. The choir has won many significant prizes in choral competitions in Poland and Europe.

Thanks to her activity Magdalena Wdowicka-Mackiewicz was honoured with the Bronze Cross of Merit (2007) and the Commission of National Education Medal (2013).

Second concudtor – assistant

13728235_1425615000798532_159019053_oEdyta Muchowiecka graduated from the Feliks Nowowiejski Secondary School of Music in Gdansk. In 2014 she obtained a master’s degree at the Music Academy in Poznan, specializing in Rhythm, and the following year a bachelor degree in Music Education. Currently she is continuing her studies in the choral conducting class of prof. Magdalena Wdowicka-Mackiewicz. In 2012 she received a scholarship from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for astonishing achievements. She is a member of the vocal quartet “Modus Quartet” specializing in performing music of the Renaissance. Since September 2015 she has been working as a teacher at the Music School complex in Poznan. As a choir singer, she has worked with many choirs in Poznan and frequently participated in the work of a Workshop Choir “Repetitio” during Polonia Choral Academy in Koszalin. She’s been working with the Dysonans Chamber Choir since 2013, and in July 2016 became the second conductor of the choir.